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At Just For Kicks our programs are designed to provide high quality classes for all dancers. We offer a wide range of classes for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student. Whether dancing recreationally or desiring to pursue a career in dance, we have the program for you!


With our recreational program, dancers can take one to multiple classes per week and they perform in our winter and year end production. Dancers can grow at their own pace, and is a less competitive atmosphere.


Just For Kicks offers different levels of competition classes designed for each student. Company dancers are required to audition to become a member of one of our teams. Our company program is comprised of dancers, parents and teachers as we believe that dancers need support of their parents to encourage and cheer them on. All company members must take the required ballet/conditioning and technique classes to stay as a company member. 

Class Expectations: As a company member, and for all students at Just for Kicks, we require all dancers to have regular attendance, to be dressed in the dress code, to be on time for classes, to respect instructors and class members and to call the studio if you must miss class. Dance teaches life values for students and we expect dancers to carry themselves responsible at the studio.

Passion Company: Our passion company program is designed for our dances that are wanting to compete but who also may want to do other activities outside of the studio. Passion dancers must take classes in jazz, jazz technique and ballet. Passion company members may also take optional classes in acro, lyrical, and hip-hop. Passion dancers will compete in 3/4 competitions per year.

Empower Company: This company is designed for dancers that want to take dance more seriously. They will take mandatory classes in jazz, lyrical, jazz technique, ballet and contemporary. Empower members have optional classes such as tap, hip-hop and acro. Empower company members will compete in 4/5 competitions per year.

Inspire Company: Our inspire company is our highest level of competitive dance.This company is designed for the dancer that wishes to dance 4/5 days a week and possibly pursue a career in dance. Inspire company members are required to take classes in all genres of dance as well as participate in community activities. They will compete in 5/6 competitions per year.

** Our programs are based on technique, age of dancers and teacher discretion. We as a team, discuss the benefits of each program per dancer and will only move kids into a new team if it will benefit them. At Just For Kicks we have a no bullying atmosphere, and encourage our students to uplift and support one another. 

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