Jodi Scambler


I started dancing at the age of 7 with Rod Schultz. With Rod, I studied Acro, Gymnastics, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, and my favorite, Tap. 

When I was 11 years old I started student teaching with Rod, and knew at the young age of 11, that I would somehow make this my career. My Dad always told me "Find something that you love, and make it your life.".

At 12, I danced at Expo '86, and from then on continued performing. I have completed my Jazz, Tap, and Ballet exams with Al Guilbert. After high school I studied Theatre and Stagecraft, and Stagemanaged many theatre productions.

Throughout this time I continued my training, as well as instructed throughout the lower mainland at various dance studios. I hope that my love and passion for the arts shows through in all of my students, as well as Just for Kicks.

Taya Calicetto


Rebekah Asselstine

Musicial Theatre/Stage/Condition

Rebekah was born in New Westminster, British Columbia and raised in beautiful northern life of Terrace, British Columbia. Starting dance at a later age but picked up the natural talent fast, she began success on all levels. Receiving her CDTA Teachers association ticket for Jazz Syllabus and Taking over her studio "Sophia's School of Dance" at age 18 and choreographing for many to further her dream. After a year of operation she did her first audition and got accepted into a professional training group "Modus Operandi" located in Vancouver, B.C. 


Being with this group opened many doors dancing with Tiffany Tregarthen, David Raymond, Wen Wei, Amber Funk Barton, Justine Chambers, Claire French and Josh Beamish. She later danced with groups, iNDUSTRY, the response, The Lovers Cabaret, ARMY of SASS, 


She then was given opportunities to dance on music videos and commercials which then lead her to getting her representation at The Characters Talent Agency. She is known for for her roles in "Restless Virgins", "The Unseen", "Last Night in Suburbia", "The Perfect Pick Up", "Tributum", and her up coming Christmas movie “ My Three Wise Men”. She also is well known for her Voice Over work, playing and representing the role of "Bella" in Universal Motion picture "Barbie Video Game Hero".


Aside from performing and acting, Rebekah works heavily as a Choreographer and teacher across BC and in the US. She has worked for actor Kevin James and Adam Sandler on set of "Grown Ups 2" teaching their children ballet and jazz, Choreographed Musicals such as "How to succeed in Business without trying", Has coached, choreographed and trained dancers for Team Canada, and has been apart of many workshops across BC. 


Her passion is to inspire and help students, to mentor and help them achieve greatness. Being apart of faculty at Cameron Dance Academy for Jazz, Jazz Technique, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and Contemporary; Just For Kicks School of Dance for Stage, Conditioning and Technique; Defy Gravity for Vocal Training and Musical Theatre; and Vancouver Academy of Dance for Contemporary and Jazz. 


Rebekah is currently teaching and doing choreography in Vancouver, B.C and is continuing her Acting career with The Character Talent Agency. 

Erin Currie


Bio Coming Soon

Regan Calicetto


Regan Calicetto is a renowned choreographer, performer, and dance educator in the Vancouver area. Training and performing in a variety of styles, including Acrobatics, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap, she has worked for and alongside prominent figures in the dance world (Michelle Smith, Tiffany Tregarthen, Kelsey Chase and Tara-Jean Popowich, to name a few).


This diverse exposure has helped Regan create her own personalized style that is sought after by artists around the globe.  Internationally, Regan has performed, trained, and taught in the UK, Thailand, Australia, Los Angeles and New York, and has worked with such companies as Modus Operandi, Sweett Moves, The Underground Circus, and The Lovers Cabaret. Some of Regan's highlights include performing as a principle role dancer in multiple productions of The Lover’s Cabaret, including “The Lovers of Hendrix” and “The Lovers of Zeppelin”. Regan has also performed as a company dancer in Sweett Moves’ “Bated Breath,” and in Kash Powell’s “International Dance Connection,” in London, UK.  


Regan's versatility, individuality and heart has allowed her to push the boundaries of choreography and performance, creating a unique art that she brings to her community. Her work has made her a standout amongst her peers, having been recognized with numerous awards and acknowledgements for her outstanding choreography and performances. Regan now focuses mainly on acrobatics and tumbling, training dancers for Acrobatic Arts AcroDance exams. She is Alixa Flexibility-certified, and has worked alongside Tyler Ayres for the past two years as a coach and course conductor for TADA hand balancing syllabus. Regan continues to choreograph, perform, and teach internationally.

Jax Fermada

Break Dance

Since the age of 2, Taya has been engaged in many different areas of work revolving the arts. By the age of 9 years old, Taya had won three solo world championship titles in Tap, Jazz and Hiphop with a highlight of winning a gold medal in Portugal. Taya also began filming movies and TV shows locally with celebrities such as Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper, and John Cusack to name a few. She was cast as a principle cast member, where she even performed her dance routines, in the TV series The Guard. As Taya grew into her late teens, she quit acting to pursue her love of art in many different forms, from music to painting, and her continued love of dance. She is currently working towards receiving her Acrobatic Arts and RAD Ballet certificates. Taya is now enrolled in University in the Bachelor of Arts, Psychology program where she hopes to combine her love of the human mind, society, and all her art forms.

Jax Fermada started out dancing as the 3rd generation of the "Now Or Never Crew" (N.O.N). In the past 7 years, he has been traveling around the world and representing Vancouver, Canada as N.O.N. Throughout those years, they succeded winning numerous battles such as World Hip Hop Championship 2007, Driven to Perform 2008, Massive Monkeys Day 2009, Ground Zero Jam 2009 and Battle of the Year Canada 2008, which they recieved the opportunity to represent Canada in the B.O.T.Y. Internationals, Germany.



 He has also opened up for the "JabbaWockeez & Massive Monkeys" from the America's Best Dance Crew and, as well the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games 2010. Without a doubt, Jaxs objective is to share his dance knowledge and experience with the world, and to help anyone who is interested in bboying. A class of bboy fundamentals along with the understanding of how to express the inner character will help and develop confidence. This class will guarantee to take your bboying to the next level, so step up and challenge yourself to the dance of Hip Hop.

Mary Anne Stephens Langstaff

Jazz/ Technique

Mary-Anne has been living, loving and breathing dance for over 25years! She has been teaching, choreographing, and inspiring for over 13 years.  She has studied the art of Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, Hiphop, Stage, Show, and Acro. 
She has many credits as a Dancer and has won numerous awards for her Choreography. Many of her students have gone onto professional careers, in both stage and television, competed Internationally and on the World stage, and some are now teachers and choreographers themselves.

Her passion and genuine love for dance and people is what makes her such an in demand, and beloved teacher, choreographer and adjudicator. She believes everyone has "something" special to bring to dance. She loves helping people realize, find, and develop that strength. While at the same time always pushing her students out of their comfort zone, and encouraging them to improve their weakness, to become a well rounded dancer!

Some of her credits include,
* Adjudicator for Sizzle Dance Festival in Alberta, B.C.
* Adjudicator for the Chiefs Dance Team.
* Adjudicator for Miss Teenage Canada. 

* Dancer with Carnival Cruise Lines.
* Lead dancer in the 2010 Olympic Ceremonies alongside Michael Buble!

*Former member of the “Felions” dance team for the CFL's "BC Lions".

* Lead dancer in the music video "Lula" by 16mm that was debuted on Much Music.

* Has competed and won numerous times Internationally.

* Received numerous Choreography awards.

* Directed Hannah Strongs choreography  for International Pop Star "Victoria Duffield" 's music video.

* Lead Dancer in "Shout"

* Show Dancer in "Here's Hollywood", both above were cast by Simon Griffiths

* Lead Dancer in The Miss Canada Teen Global Pageant '04, and a Top 10 finalist     in The Miss Canada Teen Global Pageant '05
*Dancer in the BC Summer Games

* Regional Winner and competitor in the World Finals Las Vegas Tropic Beauty ( formally known as Hawaiian Tropic)

* Promotional, commercial, and runway model for Vancouver Fashion Week.

* Model for the Juno awards
* Dancer /promotions model for Voltage Entertainment and Valley Entertainment.

* Lead Dancer for Dominator's Dance World Wide Entertainment.

Cathleen Proulx

Baby Ballet/ Tiny Tumblers

Hi I’m Cathlene, I’ve been a dancer for about 10 years now. It’s always been a big passion of mine. 

   I love teaching kids the fun and amazing time of dance and how each genre and song can tell a story. I’ve always loved dancing and love sharing my passion with others. My dream was to find a job that gave me as much happiness as dance did and then I thought why not become a dance teacher, I get the best of both worlds, teaching and having a blast dancing. 

   I always keep up my training to make sure I can teach everyone new things. I’m trained in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Stage, Acro, Contemporary, Ballet. 

Sandra Soares



At the young age of 8, Sandra started dancing and fell in love with the art. Throughout the years, Sandra has trained at many dance facilities and graduated at a Semi- Professional school located in Burnaby, BC. Being exposed to various teachers and styles from different conventions and competitions in and out of the country has lead to her unique teaching style and choreography. Being able to pull a variety of teaching techniques to suit the needs of her students is an asset. Specializing in Lyrical, Ballet, Tap and Jazz, Sandra enjoys every aspect of dance and is passionate about her students and their potential! 

Kelsey Ziegler


Miss Kelsey has over 20 years of dance training and performing. She started dancing at the age of 3 and hasn’t been able to stop since. Kelsey is trained in jazz,lyrical, contemporary and RAD Ballet. Kelsey has successfully competed in festivals and competitions in Canada and the United States of America while also performing in the Nutcracker for multiple years.

Kelsey strives to help dancers find who they are through dance. She has a strong passion for dance which is strongly emphasized in her dance classes. She makes sure her students learn everything to the best of their ability and perform on stage and in the classroom.

Jessica MacMillan

Hip Hop/ Cheer & Dance

Jessica has grown up around the arts since she was in grade one . Enrolled in a fine arts program she was exposed to her passion at an early age . She has been choreographing, teaching, and furthering her dancing knowledge for more than 10 years. Jessica has trained and performed in multiple styles of dance including; hip hop, jazz, lyrical ,contemporary, ballet, and stage.
Jessica's passion is to teach and help kids/adults discover what dancing means to them ! She believes that dancing opens doors and is a positive outlet for anyone at any age ! Her enthusiasm is highly  desired and her students  are able to reach their maximum potential leading to positive outcomes ! 
Jessica has taught at many studios and multiple schools  in the lower mainland including , WJ Mouat Secondary , Rick Hansen Secondary , St James and St Annes School, Prince Charles daycare, North poplar Fine Arts, and more. She has had the pleasure to be apart of many different shows Including a guest performance "Stars at Sea" Royal Caribbean  cruise line. "Jailhouse Rock" Elvis show by Lee Kwidzinski.  Jessica danced for the BC Lions  for three years and was given many opportunities as a Felion cheerleader. She participated in the 2011 Grey Cup  in Vancouver where she performed on field with Nickleback. In 2014  she performed on field for over 25,000 people with Dallas Smith at the 2014 Grey Cup hosted in Vancouver.
Jessica  is the owner / director of Jam Dance program. She created this program  to help inspire dancers of all ages and levels. She believes dance is about the journey and is thrilled to be leading this program. Jessica was honoured to be apart of the  first ever dance team for the BCHL Chilliwack Chiefs hockey  team during their 2017-2018 season! She is excited to choreograph and be apart of the RBC CUP coming to Chilliwack in 2018.

Mariah Norum

Hip Hop/ Jazz

I have been dancing since i was just 3 years old, and will continue throughout my career. I have been training in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Stage, Musical Theater, and Acro.


I first started student teaching under Jodi Scambler when I was 11, she helped show me what being an dance teacher was like, and from then on I knew I wanted to be a dance teacher. Throughout my years of dance I have competed at many different competitions, festivals and I have also danced multiple times in the Disneyland parade and the Pacific National Exibitition. Dance is and always will be my biggest passion, that is why I have chosen a career where I can share my passion with the world. I love working with kids, seeing their face light up when they dance or when they finally get that dance move we have been working on is amazing and just makes me want to work with them even more. 


I believe that hard work and determination pays off, when you dance it doesn't matter what others think as long as you have fun and are happy.

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